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About Turnkey Enterprises, LLC

Turnkey Enterprises, LLC was started in Spring 2006 in New Jersey.
Our mission is to team with non-profit organizations to collect used clothing for the purpose of getting clothing to governments /people that can use it. With the process of teaming with non-profit organizations the people who donate clothing are helping in more than one way such as helping a local organization earn funds for that particular organization and also getting clothing to governments/people who can use it, in an organized fashion. Turnkey Enterprises has various types of drop-off locations in the New Jersey area including: churches, fire departments, municipal recycling centers, and community centers.

The average earnings for each drop off box were $3,000 to $4,800 annually for the sponsoring organization.

As you can see, we are growing in the New Jersey area. We pride ourselves in becoming a part of the communities that we are located in. We would very much like to team with your organization in your community.

Any non-profit organization can participate in this type of fund raising. It’s easy, and can be started immediately.

Turnkey makes this process as easy as possible.
All your organization needs to do is let Turnkey know that you want to participate.

Turnkey will do the rest, at no cost to you:
• Purchase the shed (collection station) and all related materials
• Obtain all necessary permits
• Perform all necessary site work
• Install the shed as per municipal code
• Take care of all municipal inspections
• Maintain the appearance of the shed (collection station)
• Maintain the appropriate insurance

Turnkey Enterprises, LLC
801 West Vulcanite Ave.
Alpha, NJ 08865

Fax: (908) 213-1455
Cell: (585) 749-1182

Please call or email us if you have any questions.

Office: (908) 213-9202


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